Rebalance Your Gut, Restore Your Health

Discover the power of your gut! LeanBiome is an innovative new supplement designed to rebalance your gut microbiome for improved digestive health, metabolism, and weight management. Formulated with an exclusive blend of research-backed probiotics and prebiotics, LeanBiome works naturally to optimize gut function, fight bloating and discomfort, boost nutrient absorption, and support your journey to healthy weight loss.

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Find Your Formula for Success

Choose from one of our three package options – the 30-day kickstarter, 90-day transformation, or 180-day health reset – to find the LeanBiome formula and duration that best fits your weight loss and wellness goals.


Our 30-Day Kickstarter package is the perfect choice to start experiencing the benefits of our gut-health formula. Containing a 1-month supply of 60 easy-to-swallow capsules, this option allows you to kickstart your journey towards improved digestion, metabolism, and weight management. Use this package to test out LeanBiome and begin laying the foundations for improved gut and overall health.

Health Reset

For a complete gut rebalance and health reset, our 180-Day package is the perfect choice. Containing a 6-month supply of 360 capsules, this option will provide you with an ample amount of our one-of-a-kind formula to completely optimize your gut microbiome and achieve long-lasting improvements to your digestive health, metabolism, weight loss results, and overall wellbeing.


For more significant, sustained results, try our 90-Day Transformation package. Containing a 3-month supply of 180 capsules, this option provides an adequate amount of our unique probiotic/prebiotic formula to help you make major strides towards your health and weight loss goals over the next few months. Commit to a full 90-day journey of gut microbiome balancing to truly transform your digestion, weight, and wellbeing from within.

Hear from Real Users

See the amazing results that actual LeanBiome users have experienced with their weight loss, increased energy, improved regularity, and balance achieved through optimizing their gut health with our formula.

LeanBiome - Official Online Website

As a busy mom of two young kids, I was struggling with low energy, bloating, and some extra post-baby weight. I started taking LeanBiome about 3 months ago hoping it could help with my digestion issues and metabolsim. Since starting this gut health supplement, I’ve noticed less bloating and fatigue which has been amazing! I’m also thrilled that my clothes are fitting better again and my stomach looks less puffy. This probiotic/prebiotic formula has been a total gamechanger for getting my health back on track after having kids. I finally feel balanced and like myself again thanks to LeanBiome!

LeanBiome - Official Online Website

As a 58-year old guy, I was starting to feel the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle and diet. My doctor suggested focusing on gut health to help with inflammation and digestion issues. I chose LeanBiome 2 months ago and have already noticed great improvements – less indigestion after eating, more balanced energy rather than crashes, and faster workout recovery. By taking care of my gut microbiome with this probiotic and prebiotic supplement, aspects of my health I’d ignored for years already seem to be turning around. I can’t wait to see my next bloodwork results after sticking with LeanBiome!

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With a high-pressure job and bad eating habits, I had gained the stereotypical ‘freshman 15’ after college. I started taking LeanBiome 6 weeks ago hoping to get back on track with my weight and health. Already I’ve lost 8 pounds just by balancing my gut microbiome with this probiotic and prebiotic formula! It has reduced my junk food cravings and bloating. I finally feel in control of my diet, weight and body again thanks to LeanBiome. I plan to stick with it so I can lose the rest of the extra weight and keep feeling healthy and confident.

More Than Just Weight Loss

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Improved Energy Levels. Balancing your gut microbiome optimizes digestion and nutrient absorption leading to natural increases in daily energy.

Better Immunity. A healthy gut supports immune function, making you better equipped to fight off illnesses.

Heart Health. Slimming down significantly reduces risk factors for heart disease like high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Special Occasions Call For Weight Loss

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First Dates

Shedding a few pounds can make you look and feel more confident when getting back into the dating scene.

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Whether for engagements, family photos, professional headshots or more – looking slimmer makes you shine brighter in front of the camera with LeanBiome!

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Public Speaking

Stepping on stage already raises nerves – minimizing anxiety by losing excess weight can help you present smoothly and confidently.

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